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headline circle gifLow-Cost Spay & Neuter Information



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headline circle gifFighting Pet Overpopulation

Help reduce the number of homeless and unwanted animals in our community! HSSA's Spay & Neuter Clinic is open by appointment only.

To schedule an appointment please call:


Appointments are available Tuesday-Saturday.
The clinic is closed on Sundays, Mondays
and major holidays.

The clinic and vaccination clinics both accept cash, check, and credit/debit cards.


headline circle gifVaccinations

All animals must be current on their vaccinations. If your pet's vaccinations are not current at the time of its appointment for surgery, we will gladly provide them.

Required vaccinations for dogs are:

  • DAPP
  • Rabies

Required vaccinations for cats are:

  • Rabies

For prices please see our vaccinations page.


headline circle gifSponsored Spay/Neuter Programs

We have spay/neuter funding available for Pima County residents throughout the year. If you need this surgery for your pet, please click on the link below and fill out the information in the form. Once we have sufficient funding available we will contact you and schedule an appointment.


We are receiving an overwhelming response of applications daily. Please be patient, we will contact you as soon as we are able to catch up and provide services for everyone in need.
If you don’t feel you want to wait until we receive funding, you are welcome to call the clinic and schedule a low cost spay/neuter surgery for your pet.

AZ Pet Plates

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Spay & Neuter Fees  > Dogs

0-30 lbs.


31-60 lbs.


61-80 lbs.


81-100 lbs.


101 lbs. & over

$1.10 per lb.

Dogs in heat add

$20 - $40.00

Pregnant dogs add
(complication of surgery will affect fees)

$25 - $75.00

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Cats & Kittens

Cat Spay


Cat Neuter


We recommend that all cats be tested for feline leukemia / FIV combo.


Cats in heat add


Pregnant cats add
(complication of surgery will affect fees)

$20 - $40.00

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Special Circumstances
& Additional Fees

Cryptorchid Males*:
Dog add


Dog - Bilateral Cryptorchid add


Cat add


Cat - Bilateral Cryptorchid add


Umbilical Hernia:
Repairs must be done at time of surgery.
Dog hernia repair add


Cat hernia repair add


Other Complications:
Additional fees may be required for surgical complications as determined by the veterinarian.
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 *A cryptorchid is an un-neutered male who does not have both testicles normally descended into the scrotum; one or both testicles may be retained within the abdominal cavity, requiring longer and more involved surgery.


Headline Blue Circle gifBenefits of Spay / Neuter



Pit bull puppies in kennel gif
Pediatric, or Early Spay/Neuter, refers to spaying or neutering pets at a much earlier age than the old six to nine month standard. With today's anesthetics, advanced monitoring equipment, and surgical techniques, not only are these procedures safe in young puppies and kittens, the risk of complication is lower and the recovery period shorter than in mature pets. Concerns about adverse effects have now been proven unfounded. The American Veterinary Medical Association, the Humane Society of the United States, the Association of Spay/Neuter Veterinarians, are among those that support early spay/neuter.


The reasons for spaying and neutering are compelling:

  • Pet overpopulation and the resulting mass euthanasia and neglect.

  • It avoids heat cycles, unwelcome visitors, fighting, accidental pregnancies, unwanted puppies and kittens, inconvenience, and expense.

  • Males and their owners are spared roaming and fighting, and the resulting injuries, spread of disease, and expenses.

  • Better-behaved pets - Neutered and spayed pets rarely spray or mark, roam and fight. 85% of bites involve un-altered male dogs.

  • Healthier pets - Neutered males don't develop testicular cancer or the prostate problems common in intact dogs. Females spayed before their first heat cycle have 96.4% less mammary cancer, a common cause of death. They have no risk of uterine infection, uterine cancer or the many complications associated with pregnancy, queening, whelping or raising a litter.



Kitten litter jpg
Pediatric spay neuter:


  • It is safer, recovery time is much faster with pediatric patients. Complications occur less often. It is easier on the pet - anesthesia time is shorter and recovery takes only a few hours.

  • HSSA veterinarians have performed thousands of pediatric spay and neuter procedures.

  • It completely eliminates the possibility of accidental litters. We daily hear the infamous "I didn't know she'd go in heat so soon," and "she just got out for a few minutes." The list is endless.

Essentially, the bottom line is: early spay and neuter protocols mean fewer unwanted and homeless pets.


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