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Your donations make a direct difference in the lives of our shelter animals! Listed below are common items that allow us to make our animals' stays much more comfortable.

We welcome public donations, and items may be dropped off at our shelter:

3450 N. Kelvin Blvd.
Tucson, AZ 85716
Need directions?

Did you know you can give through Amazon?
Our Amazon wish list
makes it easy to give exactly what the animals need - just a few clicks and its delivered right to our door!

Please visit right now, and check back frequently, as our specific needs are constantly changing.

If you have any questions, please contact us at 520.321.3704 ext. 174, 120, or 141, or via email.


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Our Wish List

Food for the Animals
·  Canned Dog, Cat, Puppy and Kitten
   Food Types: Chopped or Pate
·  Dry Dog, Cat, Puppy and Kitten
   Food Preferred Brands: Science
   Diet, Kirkland
·  Dog Biscuits – no colored dyes
·  Cat Treats
·  Canned Tuna in Water
·  KMR Kitten Milk Replacer
·  Esbilac Milk Replacer
·  4ft Nylon Dog Leashes 

Animal Toys and Enrichment Items
·  Plastic balls for cats
·  KONG food carrier toys for dogs
   (esp ecially large and extra large)
·  Washable toys for dogs and cats
·  Peanut butter (plain, unsalted)
   for our Kongs
·  Squeaky toys for dogs
   for our Kongs
·  "Stretch and Scratch" cat exercisers

Canine College Training
·  Natural Balance Dog food rolls
·  Rescue Remedy
·  Hot dogs
·  Leashes
·  Martingale Collars
·  Sporn No Pull Harnesses
·  Premier Easy Walk Harnesses

Misc. Animal Supplies
·  Kennel Deck brand dog beds
·  Pet carriers
·  Crates – Vari Kennels (especially
   large and extra large)
·  Animal caging/pens
·  6 ft Leashes
·  Collars
·  Clay, scoopable, Feline Pine,
   and Yesterday’s News cat  litter
·  Brushes, combs
·  Pet shampoo
·  Nail clippers (dogs, and small
   ones for cats)
·  Baby gates
·  Pooper Scoopers
·  Flea / Tick control – Frontline &
   -  no flea/tick collars
·  Puppy Pads
·  Grooming electric clippers
·  New non basted/flavored rawhide,
   any size for our Safer Training

Office Supplies
·  Manilla file folders – 3 tab top
·  Avery Mailing Labels
·  Batteries (AA, AAA, 9 Volt and
   watch batteries which are used
   for thermometers)
·  Pens
·  Copy Paper (8 ½ x 11)
·  Black Sharpie Markers
·  Dry Erase Markers

Gift Certificates
(used for supplies or raffles)

·  Grocery Stores
·  Home Depot, Lowes, ACE Hardware
·  Staples, Office Depot
·  Walmart, Target
·  Local restaurants, movie theaters,
   book stores

 Misc. Supplies
·  Large Towels
·  Blankets (no stuffing)
·  Bleach
·  Lint rollers
·  Dish soap (hand washing)
·  Large yard garbage bags
·  Large pump dispensers with
   hand sanitizer
·  Rubbing alcohol
·  Surgical towels
·  Double-diner cat food dishes
·  Golf / Utility Cart
·  Tall white kitchen trash bags
·  Bottled water (cases)

 Misc. Veterinary Supplies
·  iM3 42-12 Ultrasonic Scaler
·  Any useable veterinary dental equipment

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