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The Humane Society of Southern Arizona relies on the generous support of our donors to help us care for the community's homeless animals. Additionally, our programs which educate the public, provide services for pets, care for abused or sick animals, and fight pet overpopulation, are always in need of continued funding.

If you would like to give to a specific area of the HSSA's mission, please read more about our funds and click the donate links to visit our online donation form.

For more information regarding specific funds, please contact our Associate Director of Development at 520.321.3704, ext. 116.


headline circle gifLifeSavers Spay/Neuter Fund

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This fund helps in our battle against pet overpopulation and provides the community with low-cost and free spay and neuter days throughout the year. Prevention is paramount to solving the pet overpopulation problem.

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headline circle gifSecond Chance Fund

The HSSA has set up a specific fund to cover costs of care for animals with extraordinary needs. The following examples are, unfortunately, common occurances that we need your help to deal with:

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Often, we receive animals who have been abused. Many of these pets will be frightened, and hover at the back of the kennel, in fear of all who pass by.

Unbelievably, we also receive animals who have been neglected, tortured, burned and battered. We have found that with proper medical attention, nurturing and care, these animals are able to overcome their well-founded fear and become wonderful companions.

In fact, our experience has proven, with the proper care - these animals are some of the most adoptable and loyal pets. Medical and social intervention provides a new opportunity to these unfortunate and helpless victims.

Special Medical Needs
We frequently receive animals that require surgery or special medical care that lies outside the purview of our spay/neuter personnel. Without funding for surgery (such as fixing a broken limb, or correcting a painful home "ear crop job"), these animals are not in adoptable condition.

Since this equipment is not onsite, in order for the surgical procedure to occur, we must rely on an outside veterinarian. Currently we have extremely limited funds for this purpose, and many otherwise perfectly adoptable animals are not allowed a second chance. In addition, these animals require foster care for postoperative and rehabilitative purposes.

Animals from Homes of Domestic Violence
We work with a variety of human emergency shelters, which do not have facilities to accommodate animals.

Oftentimes, although the children and spouse victims escape from the abusive home, the animals are left behind. Research has proven that an abuser is an abuser - if he/she abuses people, then most likely they include animals as their targets.

To further increase the possibility of violence, once the other victims have evacuated, the "easiest" place for the abuser's rage to turn is toward the family pet(s). This program allows us to set up special safe havens for the animal victims of domestic violence.

A secure boarding facility assumes responsibility for the animal(s) until such time as the home is a safe environment for all the victims.

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headline circle gifTrap/Neuter/Return Fund

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Donate to our Trap/Neuter/Return program to help lessen the number of feral cats in our community. Learn more about our important spay/neuter program for feral cats.



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headline circle gifFacilities Improvement Fund

Many parts of our facility are over 40 years old and the entire campus needs constant maintenance for the care of our animals.

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headline circle gifBobbie & Becky Bell 'Friends of the Animals' Fund

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This program is dedicated to helping animals who are in need of our compassion and assistance.  Formed in memory of Bobbie Bell (1926-2004), it captures her love of education and her love of animals.  Donations made to the program will be concentrated in the following most needed areas:  Education, Second Chance and Spay/Neuter.


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By Phone
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