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Your donation helps us help our community by rescuing, protecting, saving lives of animals in Southern Arizona. Your gift, no matter the amount, will make a difference! Thank you! 


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Make an online donation.

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Become a member or renew your membership.
headline circle gifTributes and Memorials
Donate in honor, in memory of a
beloved person or pet (or for special
occasions), such as birthdays, wedding & holidays.
headline circle gifDesignated Funds
Donate to specific animal related funds.
headline circle gifMatching Gifts
Your company may match your donation! Learn more here.
headline circle gifFaithful Friend
Set up safe and secure automatic donation withdrawals from your debit or credit card account!
headline circle gifPlanned Giving
Estate planing, bequests, and other options to help the animals.
headline circle gifEmployee Giving
Designate the HSSA as your charity in your workplace giving campaign!
headline circle gifIn-Kind Gifts
Donate goods such as food, audio visual equipment, even vehicles for a tax deduction! Please, see our wish list.
headline circle gifDonate on eBay
Thanks to Mission Fish you can now make a purchase through our eBay giving works account to fundraise for HSSA!




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