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Arizona State Legislation

Quick overview of the 2010 Legislative Session


The Arizona Legislature adjourned last Thursday April 29, 2010 after a very rough session!  Below is just a brief overview of some of the bills affecting animals that passed and failed in the AZ Legislature this year…



Bill Number: SB1085 – orders of protection, animals

Status of bill:  Passed and transmitted to Governor

This language from SB1085 was added to SB1266.  The bill was also amended to include language from SB1087 that adds animal cruelty offenses to the definition of domestic violence.  Two good bills merged into one!  (There was actually more good stuff merged in, but those were the parts affecting animals.)  This bill passed House & Senate unanimously on the last day – with the final vote just minutes before the end of session!  Thanks to all of you who worked so hard to get this bill passed – and especially Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence and the Pima County Attorney’s Office.  For more information about the connection between animal cruelty and human violence, click here: 


Bill Number:  HB2612 – vet regulations

Status of bill:  Passed and signed by Governor

Included language that reduces the time for a vet to report suspected animal cruelty - from 30 days to 48 hours.


Bill Number: HCR1041 and HCR1039

Status of bill:  Both died

Both of these bills would have negatively impacted citizen initiatives.




Bill Number:  SB1125 – public sale of animals

Status of bill:  Died

Would have expanded the existing ban of the public sale of animals on city streets, etc. (which currently only covers Maricopa and Pima counties) to the entire state.


Bill Number:  SB1200 – Game & Fish appointment board

Status of bill:  Passed and signed by Governor

Creates a board that dictates who can and can’t serve on the G&F board, stacked with unfriendly groups.


Bill Number: HCR2008 – right to hunt

Status of bill:  Transmitted to Sec of State – will be on the ballot in November for the citizens of Arizona to vote on.

Changes the AZ constitution to include a right to hunt.  Prohibits any law or rule from being adopted that “unreasonably restricts” hunting, fishing and harvesting wildlife or the use of “traditional means and methods”.  Also specifies that hunting is the preferred means of managing and controlling wildlife. 


Bill Number:  SB1411 - dairy farms; zoning; agricultural purpose

Status of bill:  Passed and transmitted to Governor

Exempts dairy operations from certain planning and zoning regulations.



Contact your Arizona state legislators


Just because the legislative session has ended doesn’t mean that you can’t get in touch with your representatives.  In fact, now is a great time to reach them!  If they voted in favor of animal-friendly legislation, or against animal unfriendly legislation, please thank them.  If not, politely express your disappointment and ask for their support on future issues affecting animals.  Visit to find your elected officials.  

To see how your representatives voted, visit and search for the bill number in the upper right corner.  

Quick Links

Voting records of legislators
Contact your legislator (Senate)
Contact your legislator (House)

To keep informed on future legislation, watch this Web page or contact Hilary Van Alsburg 321.3704 ext. 174,



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