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The Humane Society of Southern Arizona's Education programs give you the ability to "build your own program" by picking and choosing from our large selection of presentations.

First, determine the age group your program falls into. All school outreach must register for the required HSSA overview and can then select any additional presentations of your choice, with a maximum of 6. Presentations last approximately one hour each. Presentation description links can be found at right.

Second, complete our online outreach application by clicking here.  This application process will allow us to better assess your needs and schedule your program.  PLEASE NOTE: All requests for outreach programs must begin with this application.  Please DO NOT call to request outreach.  You will be contacted directly once we have processed your application and have determined if we can fulfill your request.

Finally, please be aware that due to staffing limitations and our busy extracurricular schedule, we can only offer community outreach programs Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.  We do not offer outreach during holidays or other select times of the year when it may interfere with
other kids programming (such as summer and winter camps.)  Thank you.

Fill Out Education Program Request Application HERE>

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Headline Blue Circle gifHSSA Animal Welfare at a glance (all ages)

The presentation offers a frank discussion on topics such as overpopulation, euthanasia, cruelty and neglect as well as the Humane Society’s mission and services. (Required)

Headline Blue Circle gifBite Prevention & Safety Around Animals (grades 3-8)

Dog bites are considered epidemic in the United States, with the vast majority of victims being children. This presentation will teach kids how to recognize animal body-language and behavior in order to keep themselves and their non-human friends safe and sound.

Headline Blue Circle gifA New Friend For Life (grades 3-5)

Designed as the first step in a child’s animal care education, this presentation offers simple information and tools on the basics of animal care, including the need for food, water, medical care and loving companionship. The program includes a video presentation and classroom activities.

Headline Blue Circle gifHow many is too many (all ages)

This examination of pet overpopulation uses a simple mathematics lesson to teach kids how companion animals can quickly reproduce and the importance of spaying and neutering to combat this societal problem.


Headline Blue Circle gifDesert Full of Dangers (grades 3-12)

This presentation offers advice to young pet owners on how to limit unwanted and potentially dangerous confrontations between their pets and the wildlife of southern Arizona. The material emphasizes humane, non-lethal solutions and encourages young people to understand and appreciate the unique environment we all live in.



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Headline Blue Circle gifJuvenile Animal Cruelty (grades 3-8)

Developed with the help of the Tucson Police Department and Pima County Sheriff’s Department, this presentation is designed to help end violent behavior at one of its earliest points: cruelty toward animals. The program includes an interactive presentation geared specifically toward children and young adults who hurt animals.


Headline Blue Circle gifAnimal Cruelty Academy 3 parts, one hour each (grades 9-12)

This presentation is designed to provide young adults with a hands-on learning experience dealing with violence toward animals. The program provides background information on animal cruelty and related crimes.


Headline Blue Circle gifAnimal Cruelty Awareness (adults)

This program  is designed for adults and provides and in depth look at animal cruelty, its motivations, local laws protecting animals and other issues such as dog fighting and animal hoarding.


Headline Blue Circle gifCaring Careers (grades 3-12)

Child participants will be challenged to think outside the box when relating to careers with animals. Although many people work to protect animals few jobs actually work directly with animals. Kids will be provided with information on what kind of education is required for certain careers with animals as well as professional information.


Headline Blue Circle gifHSSA virtual tour (grades 3-12)

Children participating in our educational outreach programs are encouraged to visit the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s shelter for a hands-on experience in animal welfare. For those who are unable to visit the shelter, we now offer our “virtual tour,” which includes a video presentation.

Headline Blue Circle gifHSSA shelter tour (all ages) 

People of all ages are encouraged to visit the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s shelter for a hands-on experience in animal welfare. For those who are unable to visit the shelter, we now offer our “virtual tour,” which includes a video presentation. (minimum of 10 participants)

Headline Blue Circle gifCommunity Service two part (all ages) 

It is important for all of us to realize that the poor living conditions of animals can only be changed through personal responsibility and action. Many schools, scout troops, religious organizations and others hold various benefits for the animals in the Humane Society’s care. Those participating in this program must also be prepared to have a HSSA representative at their facility to discuss the HSSA its mission and how Community Service benefits animals in our care.

Headline Blue Circle gifWild vs. Domestic (grades 3-8)

Discusses the world of exotic animals that are kept as pets and the affect that it has on wild animal populations, world ecosystems and local native animal populations.

Headline Blue Circle gifPet VIP animal visitation (all ages) 

The Pet Visitation Program at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona is designed to share animals with people of all ages in facilities such as convalescent homes, hospitals, mental health centers, hospices, children’s facilities and schools. Pet visitation is a wonderful and vital therapeutic mode of promoting and maintaining wellness in our community. The Pet VIP visitation is great if tied in with the Bite Safety presentation or New Friend for Life.



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HSSA Overview

Bite Prevention & Safety Around Animals

A New Friend for Life

How Many is too Many

Desert Full of Dangers

Juvenile Animal Cruelty Program

Animal Cruelty Academy (3 parts)

Animal Cruelty Awareness

Caring Careers

Humane Society virtual tour & shelter tour

Wild vs. Domestic

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