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headline circle gifArizona State Law

Animal Cruelty, Ownership and Liability Issues:

Arizona Revised Statutes 11-1023: Unauthorized release of animals; classification; damages
Arizona Revised Statutes 11-1024: Service animals; rights of individuals with disabilities; violation; classification; definitions
Arizona Revised Statutes 11-1025: Liability for dog bites
Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2910: Cruelty to Animals; Interference with Working or Service Animals; Classifications; Definitions
Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2910.01: Dog Fighting; Classification
Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2910.02: Presence at a dog fight
Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2910.03: Cock Fighting; Classification
Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2910.04: Presence at a cock fight
Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2910.05: Exempt activities
Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2910.06: Defense to cruelty to animals and bird fighting
Arizona Revised Statutes 13-2910.07: Cruel and inhumane confinement of a pig during pregnancy or of a calf raised for veal
Arizona Revisted Statutes 13-2910.08: The humane treatment of farm animals fund
Arizona Revised Statutes 13-1411: Bestiality; Classification; Definition

Pet Dealers (Puppy Lemon Law):

44-1799 Definitions
44-1799.01 Initial veterinary examination
44-1799.02 Information statement; purchaser rights; notice
44-1799.03 Record keeping
44-1799.04 Animal care requirements; violation; classification
44-1799.05 Purchaser remedies for sale of unfit cats or dogs; requirements; exceptions
44-1799.06 Contested actions; procedures
44-1799.07 Presumption of illness
44-1799.08 Civil penalties
44-1799.09 Applicability to other laws; waiver of rights

Mandatory Reporting for Veterinarians:

Arizona Revised Statutes 32-2239: Mandatory reporting of animal cruelty by veterinarians


headline circle gifPima County Code


Chapter 6.04: Animal Control Regulations
Chapter 6.05: Canine/Wild Animal Hybrids
Chapter 6.06: Bear Regulations
Chapter 6.08: Animal Control Enforcement Rules of Procedure
Chapter 8.40: Rodents, Insects, Vermin and Other Animals


headline circle gifCity of Tucson


City of Tucson Code Chapter 4: Animals and Fowl



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