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headline circle gifEducation - Community Service Programs


It is important for all of us to realize that the animal overpopulation problems in our community can only be changed through personal responsibility and action. Many schools, scout troops, religious organizations and others hold various benefits for the homeless animals in the Humane Society’s care.

Although community service programs are not a required part of our regular outreach programs, you are invited to create your own benefit to help the Humane Society’s animals whether you sign up for our regular outreach classes or not. Some simple suggestions for community service projects that benefit the Humane Society of Southern Arizona are shown below.

NOTICE TO COMMUNITY SERVICE PROJECT ORGANIZERS: If you are participating in a Community Service project to benefit HSSA and would like a tour as part of your program, please be aware that you should make arrangements with our office in advance.  Due to the popularity of our programs, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to provide a tour if you have not made arrangements ahead of time.  Please keep in mind that our schedule can book up weeks or even months in advance.  Tours are offered Monday through Friday between the hours of 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.  We do not offer tours on weekends or major holidays when the shelter is closed.

Please be aware of the following tour requirements:

1.       Children MUST be in third grade or higher in order to tour.  We do not provide tours to very small children due to safety concerns, but we offer a Pet VIP visits. [add link to Pet VIP].

2.       Children in grades 3 through 5 must complete a bite prevention program prior to touring.  The bite prevention program is free but must be scheduled separately from your tour and held at your site.

3.       Please be aware that shelter tours are not intended to be “petting zoo”-type experiences.  Tours are considered part of our larger humane education program and are designed to give kids an understanding of the daily challenges faced by animal welfare workers.  Coordinators are encouraged to discuss the role of animal shelters and prepare their children for the possibility of seeing ill or injured animals that may disturb them.                                                                                                                                          

If we are unable to provide a tour to your group due to scheduling issues, we can arrange for a Pet VIP animal visitation to your site.  These visitations are an hour in length and must be scheduled ahead of time. Click here for more about PET VIP.


Please contact the Community Outreach Department at 520.321.3704, ext. 142 for assistance with organizing your community service project.  We have free organizing kits that will help you with this process.

Fill Out Community Outreach Program Request Application HERE>


headline circle gifElements of the  Community Service Program:
  • A visual presentation on how to conduct a successful community service project.
  • HSSA Community Service Projects handouts.
  • A Humane Society shelter tour or in-class “virtual tour.”
  • A recognition ceremony for all participating students.


headline circle gifExamples of Community Service Programs:


 Shelters constantly run short of supplies.  You can help the Humane Society by collecting these badly needed pet care items:

Our Wish List:
  • Kennel Deck© brand dog beds to aid in the comfort of our shelter dogs.
  • Quality Dog Biscuits & Treats (no colored dyes, please) to treat our shelter dogs
  • Fluffy Toilet Seat Lid Covers and Warm Blankets cozy bedding is needed for our shelter cats and dogs
  • Quality Puppy & Kitten Food (Science Diet, Nutro, etc.) to nourish our foster litters
  • Large & Extra Large “Kong” Brand Toys for Dogs and Washable Cat Toys for Cats to keep our guests in good spirits
  • Pillow Cases for emergency animal rescue
  • Professional Stand-Alone Dog Dryer, scissors, brushes, and shampoo for grooming
  • Good Quality Sky Kennels and other Sturdy Dog Crates for use at the Companions for Life Center, Foster Care and Training
  • Strong, Sturdy Dog Leashes to take our friends on walks
  • Large Bath Towels and Blankets with no stuffing for grooming and the comfort of our shelter animals and clinic surgery patients
  • Baby Gates & Large Wire Crates for foster care
  • Doggie Pooper Scoopers to help keep our grounds neat
  • Flea & Tick Prevention Frontline, Advantix, Proticall
  • Cat and dog food (Both dry and canned)
  • Puppy and kitten food (Both dry and canned)
  • Bird and rodent food
  • Kitty litter
  • Any cash donations



Create tasty goodies for people and animals and sell them to help abused animals! (Recipes available if needed)



 This fun in-school game is played by pitting different classes against each other. The goal is to collect pennies for anti-cruelty and prevention efforts.  The class with the most pennies wins the “Kindness Crusade” and receives a special certificate. The pennies are used to save animals from abuse



Using the information you receive during your Humane Society presentations, create your own animal fair. Design activities and games. Invite the whole school, parents and family members. Donate the money from your fair to help HSSA animals. 



Whether it’s a car wash, a pickle sale or a towel drive, kids can be very creative when it comes to helping animals at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona!

If you have any questions regarding creating your own CS program contact


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