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The Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s TNR program is dedicated to the reduction of feral cat overpopulation, the improvement of feral cats’ quality of life, and the betterment of human-cat relations. We provide information and education to the community about humane colony management; and for a limited time we are offering sterilization and vaccination of feral cats.

Definition of Feral Cats:  Feral cats are born and live without any human contact. They are not to be confused with stray cats. Stray cats are homeless or abandoned domestic cats that have had prior contact with humans and exhibit a temperament similar to that of a domestic house cat. Feral cats are afraid of people; you can’t hold them or pet them, and they must be caught using a humane trap that you can rent from a local feed store.


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Services We Offer:

    • Information / Education
      General information as well as hand-outs about the benefits of TNR and the methods of humane trapping are available on our website and at our main shelter.
    • Funded Sterilization Surgeries
      For a limited time, colony caretakers may bring feral cats in to receive sterilization surgery at no cost to them, which also includes vaccinations, ear-tipping, and treatment for minor infections or parasites (as needed). FIV/FELV testing and FELV vaccinations are also available for a fee.
    • No Appointment Feral Cat Surgeries
      Feral cats will be accepted for surgery every week, Tuesday through Saturday.  Trapped feral cats can be brought in to our clinic between 8 and 8:30 am.  Cats must be in humane traps (only one cat per trap); feral cats in cardboard or plastic carriers will not be accepted.

Please contact the HSSA Spay & Neuter Clinic for additional information regarding services at 881-0321.


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