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The Humane Society of Southern Arizona uses HomeAgain™ microchips on all its animals. This safe, painless and permanent identification system is recommended for all pets.

The chip is about the size of a grain of rice and cannot be removed. All animals that are brought to us are scanned for microchip identification. The microchip is inserted under the scruff area between the animal's shoulders.

We record and store your pet's unique identification code with your name. If your pet is ever lost, the best way for it to find its way back to your home is through microchip identification.

Microchip scanners are used by Pima Animal Care Center, Humane Society of Southern Arizona, veterinarians and some rescue groups.

Animals that were microchipped or that were in our care before Jan. 18, 2012, may have 24PetWatch microchips, or other brands that are registered with 24PetWatch. If you are unsure, please check the paperwork you received when you adopted, or you are welcome to bring your pet in to have the microchip scanned.

Cost of the microchipping is $25 and is offered at our vaccination clinics or at the shelter during normal business hours.


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