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Deciding when to let your pet go is a difficult decision. We understand.

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Euthanasia & Cremation Services



(No ashes returned)


Individual Cremation
(Private cremation & return
of ashes)


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The Humane Society of Southern Arizona is now making appointments for those who need to utilize our euthanasia or cremation services.

At the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, we know that your pet is a member of the family. Losing your beloved companion is a painful experience, but we are here to help you through with compassionate care and supportive programs. By scheduling an appointment for euthanasia or cremation, you and your pet will receive a more private setting when the shelter is not open to the general public. Owner requested euthanasia and cremation appointments are available in the morning Monday-Wednesday and Friday-Sunday. Please call (520) 321-3711 to make an appointment.

Because of the high volume of customers we assist, we cannot provide owner-attended services. If you wish to remain with your pet at the time of euthanasia, please contact a full-service veterinary clinic.

Please note, the HSSA offers humane euthanasia by injection for animals that are incurably ill, aged, badly injured, etc. We do not euthanize healthy animals at the owner's request, but can suggest available alternatives. Call 327.6088 for more information.


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