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Hidden Gems...Special Pets You Might Have Missed

Hidden Gems are special pets that you may have missed when you visited our shelter because they are being fostered offsite, or in our office areas. To increase their chances of finding their forever homes, we are profiling them here so that potential adopters can meet them. 

The benefit of adopting a Hidden Gem is that they often already know basic commands, are housebroken or litterbox-trained, and well socialized. Since they spend most of each day with people in a home-like environment instead of a kennel, they will likely adjust to a new home faster than other pets might.



headline circle gifHersheys


Hersheys  ·  #776393
2 Years Old  ·  Chihuahua Mix  ·  Male


Small dog, big heart. Hersheys is a pintsized pooch with personality galore. This plucky little guy gets a kick out of piling up all of his toys and sitting right in the middle, surrounded by his wealth. Hersheys has been around other dogs and cats and can be very charming with people who take the time to earn his trust. He's loyal to the core! Hersheys can startle easily and would therefore do best in a home without young children. As a Hidden Gem, Hersheys is staying in staff offices until he finds his perfect forever home. If you’re looking for a quirky companion with a sense of humor, a hint of attitude and a zest for life, please get to know Hersheys today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona!

headline circle gifLady


Lady  ·  #686907
3 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Female


Lady needs someone with a huge heart to teach her about compassion and loyalty. This extra special girl has all the best qualities of man’s best friend, but has one minor problem: incontinence. Her leaks have waned with medication but she still has occasional accidents while sleeping. It’s nothing that can’t be managed with some extra linens, puppy pads or even a dog diaper. Lady doesn’t let a little bedwetting bring her down and never misses a beat. This remarkable darling has an uncanny knack for melting hearts. A skilled hypnotist, Lady can rest her chin on your lap and make you stop whatever you’re doing to offer her a pat on the head and your undivided attention. Lady is terrific with children and male dogs. Plus, she has impeccable manners. If you’re looking for an all-around awesome companion and you’re willing to do a little extra laundry in exchange for a lifetime of unyielding devotion, please ask to meet this beloved Hidden Gem today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Lady just knows she's your soulmutt!

headline circle gifDuke


Duke  ·  #766033
3 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


You know those dogs who will do anything to please you? The ones who intently follow your every move, who treat you like the center of the universe and who will perform any silly parlor trick to make you smile? That’s Duke! This easygoing team player is a breath of fresh air! Mellow and well mannered, Duke is happy to spend his days sleeping on the couch with his dog pals. Duke also enjoys car rides, baths and learning new skills. He’s simply the best! This charming sweetheart is searching for a cat-free home with a committed family that can continue to manage his tick fever with antibiotics.  It’s a small price to pay for a once-in-a-lifetime companion as loyal  and loving as Duke. If you would like to meet this very special Hidden Gem, please ask for Duke at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. He’s waiting for you to visit and can’t wait to be home!

headline circle gifPenny


Penny  ·  #772486
1 Year Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Female


Did someone say “cute”? That makes Penny’s ears perk up, because she hears it so much! This petite 30-pound Shepherd mix is in need of a very special home. Can you keep a secret? Penny is a little shy at first. She prefers familiar places and faces over hustle, bustle and surprises. With support from a foster family, Penny is slowly letting her true colors shine and gaining confidence. She's getting the hang of home life thanks to her furry foster siblings, who showed her the ropes of house training and the joys of fluffy beds. Penny loves other dogs and cats but is still a little hesitant to snuggle up with people and will need to find a family willing to give her space and time to adjust. If you could offer this deserving darling a stable home and a lifetime of positive reinforcement and patience, please arrange to meet this very special Hidden Gem by calling (520)327-6088. Penny is, without a doubt, going to be someone's dream dog. She just has to find them!

headline circle gifLucy


Lucy  ·  #736171
3 Years Old  ·  Yorkshire Terrier  ·  Female


Little Lucy is a tenacious terrier searching for a very special home. This rambunctious Yorkie has boundless energy and lots of attitude. She would do best in a terrier-experienced, all-adult home with a patient caregiver who can provide her with consistent training and structure. Bouncy little Lucy gets a kick out of going for walks, sightseeing during car rides and organizing her prized toys. With great indoor etiquette, Lucy is house trained and crate trained. Plus, she’s very snuggly as long as you don’t approach her too fast. Lucy has been getting along with a few kennel mates at the HSSA, but would probably prefer to be an only pet. If you could make Lucy your pampered princess, please get to know our feisty and fabulous furry friend today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona!

headline circle gifOscar


Oscar  ·  #765561
4 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Oscar can’t go anywhere without constant requests to pet his giant head. A gracious celebrity, Oscar is always happy to oblige. This jumbo bundle of sunshine has had a tough life and just wants the chance to brighten someone’s world. Found struggling to survive at Gate’s Pass, Oscar was scooped up by a good samaritan and delivered to safety. Since that fateful day, Oscar has made great strides. He now looks fantastic and is becoming a fine gentleman with training in Canine College. Oscar gets along with most dogs and hopes to meet your entire family at the HSSA. As a Hidden Gem, Oscar spends his time in staff offices, so please be sure to ask for him by name! This handsome boy looks forward to making you smile and is raring to go! Won't you give him a beautiful new beginning?

headline circle gifRed


Red  ·  #758242
5 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


“How do you like me now?” Red was clinging to life when he arrived at the HSSA in July – emaciated, covered in ticks, wearing a heavy spike collar and limping from an advanced case of Valley Fever. With life-saving medical care and encouragement from a devoted foster family, Red bounced back and is now thriving. We hardly recognize him! Good ol' Red adjusted to family life with ease and knows all about house training, relaxing when home alone and making instant friends with other dogs. Red is now back at the main shelter and is searching for someone with a big heart who is prepared to monitor and medicate his Valley Fever. If you would like to make this incredible gentleman your loyal sidekick, please get to know this staff and volunteer favorite today. Red’s bags are packed and he’s ready to go!

headline circle gifWinnie


Winnie  ·  #760638
6 Years Old  ·  Domestic Short Hair  ·  Female


“Compliment me all you want but, please, don’t touch the fur.” Winnie is an audacious princess who’s all tortitude. This cunning kitty knows exactly what she wants and how to get it. Most of all, Winnie appreciates respect. She’s happy to spend time with you, but it’s always on her terms. No unsolicited touching. No attempts at dress-up. No babytalk. Once you’ve established a friendship, Winnie will invite you to pet her with her favorite feather. When she rubs up against you and asks for attention, you’ll know you’ve made it in the cat world! Winnie has been a legendary guest in staff offices. She presides over meeting like a natural leader and loves sharing her two cents with a melodic meow. Winnie can’t wait to find her perfect home - a comfortable place to call her own with cat-savvy adults who don’t mind having a cat in charge. If you could give this very special Hidden Gem the chance to feel like royalty, please ask to meet wonderful Winnie today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.

headline circle gifDaisy


Daisy  ·  #766654
5 Years Old  ·  Dachshund Mix  ·  Female


Daisy says, “Pick me!” This spunky sweetheart could sure use a good friend after her beloved owner passed away. Daisy was delivered to another shelter but wasn’t doing well, so she came to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona for a chance to shine. Daisy is feeling better day by day and lets her cares melt away whenever she’s racing around the yard. She’s always animated, adventurous and ready to play. Although Daisy absolutely adores her human friends, she is choosy about her dog pals and would prefer to be your only pet. Just you, a couch and some toys would be a dream come true for this darling Dachshund. If you could give Daisy the fresh start and unconditional love she deserves, please visit his peppy princess today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. As a Hidden Gem, Daisy spends her time in staff offices, so please ask an adoption counselor to meet her.

headline circle gifBernard


Bernard  ·  #776087
1.5 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Bernard, or Barney as his friends call him, is a 10 on the cuteness Richter scale. Unfortunately, this adorable boy lacks any confidence and spends all of his time cowering in the corner of staff offices at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. Found as a terrified and overwhelmed stray, Barney has obviously endured a very rough past that only he knows. But he’s ready to put all of that behind him now. Once at the HSSA, Barney was placed in a loving foster home for a few weeks – but he made little progress and will need plenty of time getting acclimated to life as a companion. Sadly, no one ever showed Barney the joys of being inside with friends. Barney is not house trained, doesn’t walk on a leash and usually needs to be carried. However, Barney tolerates all handling and gets along with other respectful dogs and cats. In fact, a mellow and confident canine companion might work wonders at helping Barney come out of his shell. With a lifetime of patience, positive reinforcement training and unconditional love, Barney just might blossom into the happy dog we all know is hidden behind that frightened face. There’s nothing more rewarding than earning the trust and affection of a shy pup like Barney. Are you up for the challenge of pouring compassion into this long-term project of love? If so, please ask to meet our buddy Barney today at the main shelter.

headline circle gifKaycee


Kaycee  ·  #762458
4 Years Old  ·  Chihuahua Mix  ·  Female


Kaycee has given so much of herself and deserves to be at the receiving end of some pampering! Found surviving with her newborn puppies in Phoenix, Kaycee was transferred to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona so that she could enjoy a fresh start with her little family. She raised her pups with love and then happily took on another orphan in need. Now she’s puppy-free and looking for her very own person! Kaycee is an incredibly loyal lap dog who can be reserved at first, but will follow you around like a shadow once you’ve bonded. Kaycee is staying in foster care until she finds her forever family but would be thrilled to meet you! If you could give Kaycee a lifetime of unconditional love and adequate time to adjust to a new home, please call the HSSA at (520)327-6088 and ask to arrange a meet and greet with incredible Kaycee!

headline circle gifBabe


Babe  ·  #763622
8 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Female


Babe adores the entire world. No exceptions. This social butterfly has never met a person she didn’t consider her best friend. At 8-years old, Babe is enthusiastic, entertaining and all-around awesome! She’s crazy about toys and will carry around her stuffed animals with great pride. As a current student in the Humane Society of Southern Arizona’s Canine College program, Babe is learning to be the best dog she can be and is making terrific progress! If you’re searching for a sweet and steady companion with an attitude of gratitude and a heart full of love to share, please get to know Babe at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona. She’s a Hidden Gem who’s waiting to meet you behind the scenes, so please ask for her by name!

headline circle gifWillow


Willow  ·  #772247
5 Years Old  ·  Labrador Retriever Mix  ·  Female


Willow is wonderful - just ask her foster family! This little darling is the perfect size companion who’s brimming with affection. Although Willow settles into home life with ease, she was stressed at the shelter and is staying with a foster family until her perfect adopter comes along. An all-star candidate to become your best friend, Willow has excellent manners and is loyal to the core. Willow gets along great with older kids and absolutely adores other dogs. Plus, she is house trained and respectful of your belongings. Willow enjoys visiting the dog park, chasing lasers and snuggling. If you’re interested in making this exceptionally well behaved darling your pride and joy, please call the Humane Society of Southern Arizona at (520)327-6088 to set up a meet and greet with Willow!

headline circle gifTippy


Tippy  ·  #766346
3 Years Old  ·  German Shepherd Mix  ·  Female


Perfect manners, a friendly disposition and the heart of a champ! Tippy knows that she's somebody's "dream dog." She just has to find them! This beautiful darling was found in October as an emaciated stray. Although she lacked quality care, Tippy obviously belonged to someone, because she was sporting a brand new manicure complete with a fresh coat of nail polish! Tired Tippy was rushed to the veterinarians at the HSSA, where it was determined that her declining health was the result of Valley Fever. After a few weeks of fluconazole and a lot of love in foster care, Tippy is now looking and feeling fabulous! Her foster family absolutely adores her and appreciates what a courteous guest she's been. Tippy is house trained, crate trained, excellent with dog of various sizes and so eager to please. She has the perfect amount of energy and always respects others' belongings. Tippy is going to make some lucky person tremendously happy. Could it be you? All Tippy asks in return for her years of devotion is that you help her manage her Valley Fever. If you could be Tippy's long-awaited hero, please call (520)327-6088 and ask to arrange a meet and greet with this very special Hidden Gem. You'll be glad you did!

headline circle gifDawson


Dawson  ·  #749499
1.5 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Female


Meet the darling of the Humane Society of Southern Arizona! Dawson is an energetic love sponge seeking an active, committed family. Dawson is house trained and has a terrific history with other dogs of all sizes. However, Dawson can be a little too rambunctious for young children and cats. This extremely motivated and bright boy is packed with potential and would likely excel at obedience training, agility, flyball… you name it! Dawson needs an exceptional home prepared to not only train him, but also offer regular veterinary care. Dawson had a mast cell tumor removed from his skin and will need to be closely monitored to make sure new lumps don’t appear. Considering how fantastic Dawson is, it’s a small favor to ask in exchange for his unbeatable friendship! If you could give our enthusiastic rock star the chance to thrive, please ask to meet Dawson at the HSSA to see why he’s an absolute favorite among staff and volunteers!

headline circle gifBaloo


Baloo  ·  #767635
4 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


Imagine waking up to this smiling face every morning! Baloo is never blue and will make sure each day is just as fantastic for you as it is for him! This precious people-pleaser is an absolute volunteer favorite and it's easy to see why. Baloo is just such a wiggly, wonderful bundle of joy. As a special Hidden Gem at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Baloo is available upon request. You won't see him in the kennels, so please ask for him by name. (He's probably playing and snuggling in the yard with his army of adoring volunteers.) If you could give this deserving sweetheart a life of adventure and affection, please make Baloo your BFF today at the HSSA!

headline circle gifCharlie


Charlie  ·  #768964
4 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Male


Charlie wants to be your MVP! This all-star sidekick always has your back and embodies the very best qualities of a perfect companion. Charlie is outgoing, polite and loyal to the core. Plus, he has flawless manners! Charlie’s foster mom describes him as a content couch potato who never makes messes, walks beautifully on a leash and gets along great with dogs of all sizes. He’s a fantastic big brother to his Maltese and Pit Bull pals in foster care. Charlie doesn't have a history with cats or kids but would probably love them just as much! Charlie is house trained, crate trained and learning obedience commands at record speeds. And when you offer him a treat, Charlie gratefully accepts it ever so gently. Charlie is, paws down, one of the greatest dogs you’ll ever meet! All he asks in return for his unparalleled devotion and exceptional behavior is some extra care to manage his Valley Fever. Charlie’s fluconazole is making him feel 100% better than when he arrived at the HSSA, but he will need to continue his medication indefinitely. If you could offer him a future full of good health and endless tummy rubs, please call the Humane Society of Southern Arizona at (520)327-6088 and ask to schedule a meet and greet with this one-in-a-million boy!

headline circle gifHabanera


Habanera  ·  #768013
3 Years Old  ·  Chihuahua Mix  ·  Female


Habanera at your service! Habanera, or Nera as we call her, is a special guest in staff offices. This coy Chihuahua is currently on the fast track to learning manners in preparation for a home. Habanera can be very shy at first but bonds closely to those who take the time to earn her trust. Nera is fantastic with other dogs and is best when in their presence. She loves curling up with canine pals, serving as a fearless guard dog and perching nobly on her favorite chair. We’re falling fast in love with this one and can’t wait to see her wiggle her way into your heart soon. If you don’t mind a feisty diva with bounce and wit, you’ll be smitten!

headline circle gifHoney


Honey  ·  #693236
5 Years Old  ·  Shepherd Mix  ·  Female


Do you have a soft spot for the shy type? Sweet Honey gets so overwhelmed at the shelter that she pancakes on the floor. It’s probably because she’s been returned four times. Despite her terrible track record, Honey is actually a fantastic dog! Lucky for Honey, a terrific foster family stepped up to keep her happy in a loving home until her forever person comes along. Honey is a magnificent, sensitive, receptive sidekick. She delights in going for car rides (especially to the dog park!), organizing her prized toy collection and playing with other pets of all shapes and sizes. Honey’s foster family says that she’s the perfect guest with impeccable manners. Her main challenge is a history of separation anxiety. However, in her foster home, Honey is happy to relax in the company of her two dog friends while their people are away. Honey just needs a dog pal to show her how to seize the day…and the couch. If you could give this playful and loyal sweetheart time to adjust in a stable home for keeps, please call (520)327-6088 to arrange a meet and greet with hopeful Honey. She’s ready to show you her endless potential and incredible capacity to love!

headline circle gifBree


Bree  ·  #765468
3 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


Visitors beware! Bree is notorious for stealing hearts with the flutter of an eyelash. This velcro dog is as loyal and loving as they come! Bree has charm galore, an innate desire to please and a fun-loving personality. Plus, she has the perfect amount of energy for a morning stroll and a long afternoon nap. This adaptable and adorable girl is thriving in a foster home. Her caregivers can't say enough good things about her! Bree is house trained, polite and an expert at fetch. She gets along great with other respectful dogs and older children who don't startle her (Bree can be a little shy at first). If you could give this gentle sweetheart a happy home, please call us at (520)327-6088 to schedule a meet and greet. Bree can't wait to meet you and hopes you drop her a line soon!

headline circle gifChina


China  ·  #759840
2 Years Old  ·  Spaniel Mix  ·  Female


A total puppy at heart. China is the perfect-sized bundle of goofy adorableness. She’ll follow you around inquisitively and melt in your arms when you hold her like a baby. China has come such a long way from when she was found as a terrified, emaciated and sick stray in the middle of summer. Once delivered to the HSSA, China’s health improved by leaps and bounds. But she’s still a little skittish in new situations. Thanks to plenty of TLC in foster care, China is really letting her true colors shine. She’s proved to be unwaveringly loyal and really appreciates the company of other pets. China would love a mellow, all-adult home with another dog to pal around with. If you’re interested in scooping up this special staff favorite, please call (520)327-6088 and ask to set up a meet and greet with China.

headline circle gifCharlotte


Charlotte  ·  #763544
8 Years Old  ·  Rat Terrier Mix  ·  Female


Charlotte’s vision is fading, she’s slowing down a little and her fur is peppered with silver – but she has so much joy and love to share! Found as a confused, frightened and skinny stray with overgrown toenails, Charlotte was so happy to be scooped up off the streets and offered quality food and compassionate care. As a special guest in staff offices at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona, Charlotte can usually be found curled up in a bed or trotting by someone’s side on an errand. This wonderful girl does well with most dogs that are larger than her (bring yours for an introduction!) and needs a home without young children that might overwhelm her. Charlotte is still a little shy but really opens up to people she knows. If you could give this deserving, loyal senior the proper retirement she deserves, please ask to meet Charlotte today at the main shelter. Her ears will perk up and she’ll do a happy dance the moment you say her name.

headline circle gifXander


Xander  ·  #753718
3 Years Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Male


You know how sometimes you come across that special dog… the one who makes your heart skip a beat? That once in a lifetime companion? Xander wants to be that for you! This sweet and sensitive guy has a baby face and an endless capacity to love. Delivered to the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in May, Xander has had a surprisingly difficult time finding a family. He’s a terrific gentleman, just low on self-confidence. He doesn’t do well in a shelter environment and, consequently, is a Hidden Gem hanging out behind the scenes at the HSSA. You won’t see him in our adoption kennels, so please ask for him by name. Xander has been trained in Canine College to learn tricks and to come out of his shell. He’s improving daily with the help of his friends but would really love to let his true colors shine in a home. Could you be the hero Xander has been waiting for? In exchange, this loyal boy will make you the center of the universe. He’s quite the catch! See for yourself today at the HSSA!

headline circle gifFluffy


Fluffy  ·  #711933
4 Years Old  ·  Domestic Medium Hair  ·  Female


“Psst, over here!” Fluffy likes to hide but that doesn’t mean she is averse to affection. Once you earn her trust, Fluffy is happy to say hello and let you brush her silky-soft fur. Nervous and sensitive, Fluffy spends time in staff offices while continuing her search for the perfect companion. Although she’s slightly independent, Fluffy is hoping that someone will eventually look into her eyes and see a loving, deserving kitty inside of that crouching calico. Could you be her special person? She’s an easy keeper! Please ask to meet this beloved Hidden Gem today at the main shelter.


headline circle gifZipper & Buttons

Adopted!Zipper and Buttons

Zipper & Buttons  ·  #765756, #764697
9, 8 Years Old  ·  Maine Coon  ·  Male


Zipper and Buttons are bursting at the seams with sweetness – but they need a little help. This father and son duo adore those they trust, but can be a little timid around unfamiliar people. With help from their new HSSA friends and confidants, Zipper and Buttons are gradually letting their luxuriant Maine Coon hair down. They’ve come a long way but still need to relax in a quiet area away from the hustle and bustle of our adoption lobby. Be sure to ask to meet them! Sadly, Zipper and Buttons are heartbroken after their bereaved owner fell on hard times and had to surrender them. In their previous home, Zipper and Buttons were happy, well-adjusted companions who brought a smile to their family every day. Buttons is a total lap cat who performs tricks for treats and Zipper is happy to spend the day stretching and lounging. Zipper and Buttons are declawed, 100% litter box trained and devoted to their human caregivers. If you’re ready to be the envy of the cat-loving world for being the proud parent of two ginormous and handsome Maine Coons, please meet Zipper and Buttons today at the HSSA.

headline circle gifRomeo


Romeo  ·  #754604
6 Years Old  ·  Domestic Short Hair  ·  Male


Make way for Romeo! This handsome ham always races over for attention and jumps in your lap the moment you invite him. As a bonus, he gives the world's best hugs! Not only does Romeo adore people - He’s a born diplomat among other kitties. When he’s not attracting admirers, Romeo enjoys exploring, collecting toys and relishing the fact that he’s the sweetest bundle of fluff you’ll ever snuggle. Romeo came to us with all four paws declawed and he arrived pretty stressed. Now that he’s relaxing in staff offices, Romeo is cool as a cucumber and happy as a clam. This easygoing and well-mannered guest is a legendary favorite who charms absolutely everyone. If you would like to meet this special lover boy, please ask for Romeo at the main shelter.

 CLICK HERE to see a video of Romeo!



headline circle gifMomo


Momo  ·  #755059
1.5 Years Old  ·  Siberian Husky  ·  Male


Momo is the cutest chatterbox. He always has to have the last wooo word and will do whatever it takes to be the center of attention. This handsome hunk of Husky was shipped from a breeder in Idaho and has been through a few homes when his energy level and strong personality didn’t jibe with various families. With intelligence and personality galore, Momo has quickly become a popular playmate at the HSSA. He’s a staff favorite who enjoys snuggling, romping around the yard and making friends everywhere he goes. He even gets along with the dogs, cats and kittens in his foster home! However, Momo can be selective about which people he likes and will need to meet all of the members of your family and your circle of friends, too. With lots of love, patience, training, consistency and boundaries, Momo will make the perfect sidekick. He just needs a dog-savvy owner who won’t give up on him this time. If you’re looking for a stunning and spunky sweetheart, please ask to meet Momo today at the HSSA. He would be thrilled to add you to his ever-growing fan club.


headline circle gifKeet


Keet  ·  #761005
Young  ·  Parakeet  ·  Female


Keet is a bright, happy little bird who appreciates room to spread her wings. If she had her way, Keet would go home with a nice family with a big indoor aviary where she could fly around. Even better, maybe this family would have other birds to play with. Bold and cheerful, Keet happily steps up on your finger and chatters away the morning. With proper care, she’ll make a terrific feathered friend. If you could give sweet Ms. Keet a loving forever home, please ask to meet her today at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona.




headline circle gifMickey & Buddy

Adopted!Mickey and Buddy

Mickey & Buddy  ·  #752511, #752512
8, 11 Years Old  ·  Domestic Short Hair  ·  Female, Male


Mickey and Buddy can be a little shy at first, but they would love to be a part of your life! These sweet, unassuming and bonded siblings were brought to the HSSA after their lifelong owner passed away. Mickey and Buddy were clearly heartbroken by their loss but took solace in the fact that they still had each other. During the months that Mickey and Buddy have been in our care, we’ve discovered that these easy keepers have fantastic manners. Mickey and Buddy are fully litter box trained, declawed and serenely calm. And once they trust you, Mickey and Buddy will likely take one of their famous marathon naps plopped next to you on the couch. Could you remind them what a loving, secure home feels like? Please ask to meet Mickey and Buddy at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona to see for yourself what sweet souls they are. Mickey and Buddy live in staff offices, but their bags are packed and they're ready to go!


headline circle gifMeeko


Meeko  ·  #757080
8 Months Old  ·  Pit Bull Mix  ·  Female


“I wish I may, I wish I might, to find myself a forever home tonight.” Meeko is looking for her first-ever family and certainly deserves the very best. Found as a frightened stray, Meeko was grateful to be plucked off the streets by a kind person and welcomed into their home. During her brief stay, Meeko snuggled with the cat as her new friend tried to track down her owner. But no such luck. Meeko was then delivered to the HSSA for a second chance. She was so nervous and overwhelmed when she first arrived that she had to be carried outside for bathroom breaks. But once in your arms, Meeko looks up at you with trust and instantly puts you under her spell with those deep gorgeous eyes. Everyone who meets Meeko is powerless to that baby face. In an effort to build her confidence and level of socialization, Meeko is currently relaxing in a cozy foster home. She's improving by leaps and bounds every day! If you could complete her journey by showing her all of life's greatest joys, please ask to meet mild-mannered Meeko today by calling (520)327-6088. We know that sweet little Meeko is going to make some lucky person very happy!


headline circle gifStevie


Stevie  ·  #757080
8 Years Old  ·  Chihuahua Mix  ·  Male


“Oh, Hi! I didn’t see you there. My name is Stevie and I am everything you’re looking for in a new best friend.” Resilient little Stevie arrived at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona in dire need. Stevie was spotted feeling his way around town, completely blind and suffering from rotting teeth. Once at the HSSA, veterinarians determined that Stevie’s poor peepers were irreversibly damaged and painful. So Stevie underwent surgery to remove his sore eyes, clean and fix his teeth and get neutered. When he awoke, all Stevie wanted was to be held. From sad street dog to pampered lap pooch, Stevie has demonstrated that he is quite the champion. In his foster home, Stevie enjoys life just like any other dog. He gets along with cats and dogs (especially smaller dogs - he loves ‘em!) and does a happy dance after each meal. Stevie’s a sucker for tummy rubs, cuddles and compliments. If you could give Stevie unconditional love, consistency and the promise that he will never be alone again, please contact us at (520)327-6088 to arrange a meet and greet. Stevie is dreaming of curling up on your lap and waiting for your call!


headline circle gifTukee


Tukee  ·  #748825
8 Years Old  ·  Domestic Short Hair  ·  Female


“Ms. Tukee at your service!” Visit the offices at the Humane Society of Southern Arizona and Tukee will greet you with a full somersault and the cutest little meow you’ve ever heard. Sweet and charming Tukee never imagined that she would be looking for a home at the age of eight. What’s more, she never anticipated that it would take her months to win someone over. Tukee has been patiently waiting at the HSSA since the beginning of March, and she’s captured every volunteer and staff member’s heart. This petite kitty soaks up attention, as long as it’s on her terms. Tukee is going to need a quiet, patient household where she can enjoy stability and feel respected. In return, you’ll get endless cheek rubs and gratitude. It’s a small price to pay for her enchanting company. We promise. Please visit the main shelter today and ask to meet our favorite furry assistant!


headline circle gifBenson


Benson  ·  #754571
9 Years Old  ·  Flat Coated Retriever Mix  ·  Male


Benson doesn’t act his age. Based on his boundless energy and goofy play style, you would never guess that boisterous Benson is actually 9-years old. Benson didn’t plan on being alone in his Golden Years and is really, really hoping to find the perfect home with lots of toys and love. And having a pool would be a dream come true for this wet and wild water dog. Benson also loves visiting dog parks, going for car rides and running laps around the back yard. Because he can be a little rambunctious, we recommend that Benson go to a family with older kids. Bring the whole family for an introduction at the main shelter and please be sure to ask for him by name. As a Hidden Gem, Benson spends his time in staff offices but can’t wait for someone special to offer him life's next big adventure!

 CLICK HERE to see a video of Benson!


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