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headline circle gifHome for the Holidays
Home for the Holidays

Change the life of a shelter dog or cat for only $100 by becoming a Home for the Holidays sponsor. What better gift can any of us give during the holiday season than to give a home to an orphaned pet?

This year, a donation of just $100 or $75 for two or more pets will allow an individual, family, business or school to become a sponsor and help a shelter pet find a permanent new home. Sponsorships will apply to the adoption fee and remain in effect until the animal is adopted and can be made in person at the shelter, by mail, by phone or online.

Our goal is to have all our dogs and cats sponsored during the program by a loving and compassionate person or group. The program begins November 1, 2013 and ends January 2, 2014. Each sponsored pet will have a sign displayed on their kennel saying that they’ve been sponsored through Home for the Holidays. In addition, a cat and/or dog ornament will be placed on our Holiday saguaro that will feature the name of each sponsor. Our Holiday saguaro will be in our Adoptions lobby at our main shelter.

Becoming a Home for the Holidays sponsor means many wonderful companion animals will be united with a new family this holiday season so that they may spend every holiday in a loving home.

To sponsor an animal and help it find a Home for the Holidays, please fill out this form or call 520.321.3704, ext. 141.


In 2012, the Home for the Holidays Program sponsored 256 cats and dogs, and raised nearly $19,000! Thank you to all who donated and saved the life of an animal!

circle green jpg Home for the Holidays Sponsors

Home for the Holidays pets jpg

Dog Sponsors
Cat Sponsors
Dog sponsors will be indentified by name in the column below. This list will be updated weekly. Thanks, for giving our homeless pets a Happy Holiday!
Cat sponsors will be indentified by name in the column below. This list will be updated weekly. Thanks, for giving our homeless pets a Happy Holiday!
Noreen Moffett Marlene Smith
 Gift from "Minnie" - Thank you HSSA for saving my life. Gloria Fenner
Charles and Carolyn Anderson Janet Cohn
 Zorro and Katie Hindle Janice Lacotta
Patricia and Ron Coghlan Elda Vail
 Lynn Hellwig Patti McKee
Your friends Maggie, Fiona and Emma Gillis The Strumpfs
 Gail Spahr Elizabeth Nolan
Beautiful Buffy Atilla and Molly
 Lovely Loretta The Bates Family
Craig and Julia Faltin Anonymous
 Marlene Smith Schroeder Family
Arthur, a lucky dog Thomas and Cathryn Young
 Gloria  Fenner Kathy McClary
Janet Cohn Meena Memorial
 Janice Lacotta Marlene Smith
Gift for Joyce and Lois Gloria Fenner
 "Wolfie and Chico" Smith (both rescues!) Janet Cohn
Tucson Browns Backers Janice Lacotta
 Joyce Lopez Elda Vail
The Poveda Family Patti McKee
Anonymous The Strumpfs
Karin Unger Elizabeth Nolan
Thomas and Cathryn Young Atilla and Molly
Bob Kabakoff and Katie Smith The Bates Family
 David and Carol Kabakoff Anonymous
Jan and Dave Thompson Schroeder Family
 Meena Memorial Thomas and Cathryn Young
Noreen Moffett Kathy McClary
 Gift from "Minnie" - Thank you HSSA for saving my life. Meena Memorial
Charles and Carolyn Anderson Kelly Laurich
Zorro and Katie Hindle Paul Tuzinowski
Patricia and Ron Coghlan Michael and Patricia Noble
Lynn Hellwig "Miss Kittee"
Your friends Maggie, Fiona and Emma Gillis "Mr. Harrigan"
 Gail Spahr Lynn and David Nicholas
Beautiful Buffy In memory of "Sammy"
 Lovely Loretta Ron Horn and Nancy Swain
Craig and Julia Faltin In honor of Judith Claremon
Marlene Smith Scott and Melody Butcher
Arthur, a lucky dog Diane DeLaat
Gloria  Fenner Helen C. Cates
Janet Cohn Happy Holidays Donna Clayton and Laura McGlinn-From Kathy McClary
Janice Lacotta Gordon Carscadden
Gift for Joyce and Lois Kenda Hannigan
"Wolfie and Chico" Smith (both rescues!) Sarah Ohara
Tucson Browns Backers Steve and Dolores Jacobs
Joyce Lopez Mike and Joanne Lowry
The Poveda Family U S Bankruptcy Court District of Arizona
Anonymous In memory of Tom Maricic
Karin Unger Hindman Girls
Thomas and Cathryn Young "Mrs. Peabody" Smith
Bob Kabakoff and Katie Smith "Fluff" Smith
David and Carol Kabakoff The Enoki Family
Jan and Dave Thompson The Ellis Family
Meena Memorial Joan and Brian McHugh
Kelly Laurich Julie Nellis
Paul Tuzinowski -
Michael and Patricia Noble -
Lynn and David Nicholas -
Janet, Barry and Keeper Lang -
Lucy and Elliot -
From "Judd" - Thanks for helping me find my forever home! -
In memory of "Wyatt and Napoleon" -
In honor of Judith Claremon -
Sandra Wrigglesworth -
Patricia McGarrahan -
Scott and Melody Butcher -
Christine Meade -
Samuel Dougan -
Merry Christmas Karen - From Kathy McClary -
Gordon Carscadden -
Gail Monovan -
Lana Butler -
Janet Rosales -
Verenice Davila Nelson -
Sarah Ohara -
Steve and Dolores Jacobs -
Robert Kuhlman -
 In memory of Jennifer Loo -
Walter and Jacqueline Thurmond -
 In memory of Tom Maricic -
In loving memory of Madison -
Scott Cockayne -
Raymond Alston -
 The Enoki Family -
Laurie Mazerbo -
Sallie Brown -
Perry and Nellie Hackman -
Cynthia Gluck -
In honor of our adopted "kids" Roscoe Brown and Sadie Romayne Margarita -
 Sheri Trinchero -
The Ellis Family -
Julie Nellis -
Kathleen Tucker -
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